Saturday, November 5, 2011

Small Town Night Out

Random pics of our Small Town Bar night!

Tabitha and Justin

Tabitha, Karri and I stopped to say Hello to Mom!
I think Mom was with me when I fell the 4 feet in the ditch! haha

MidWest Signs we are so ghetto

After hours at Justin's hanging with the stuffed deer

Karri and Tab in T-Town

Riding in style - Karri, Tabitha and I

Karri, Justin and I

I love Karri and Chris! We are so fun together... who won this? I think West Side did.

Justin Tab and I in T-Town

Chris and Karri

What a fun night with some of my great friends!

Can't wait to do it again! A night full of laughter!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Heaven's Angel

Wow! It has been two years since I have heard my Mom's voice, tell her I love her or touch her face to let her know everything will be ok.....

I have made it through the last two years because of her and my amazing friends and family. Mom has given us her promise many times over the last two years. HER RAINBOW!!! Here are a few photos I captured this last year.

Mom's Rainbow after riding her favorite ride @ Adventureland

Breckin and Raya running in our yard to chase the Rainbow!
"Hi Grandma Judy!!!"

September 26th, 2011- Tabitha's Rainbow in Dubuque.
See, I told you I have amazing family and friends....Tabitha emailed me this picture. I swear she always has the right timing and knows when I need her... she emailed me this the day before Mom's 2 years of passing. Thanks Tabitha! I love you!! (Mom loved you Tabitha and I believe she wanted to let you know she's with you every step of the way, too!)

Thanks again to all my friends and family for always listening to me when I need you the most! I love you all!!

I added a few songs that we played at Mom's funeral. These songs make me smile and cry at the same time. ( I didn't know how to download them so I just added the youtube video!! ha!)

Allan Jackson
Sissy's Song

Steve Wariner
Holes in the Floor of Heaven

We are Family

(Can't find a good video for this song!) Mom loved this song and it was her request to have it played at her funeral!

"The Circle of our Family is Forever!"

Monday, September 5, 2011

Breckin's 1st day of Kindergarten

Breckin & Ray Ray before the bus picked up Breckin!

Enough already Mommy!!
Breckin was so excited for his first day!

My baby boy getting on the big bus. I was so sad to see him leave! What will I do when he graduates high school??

Had to throw in a picture of Breckin on unpack your backpack night!

Breckin is in the class of 2024! How crazy is that!?! :) 24 is Corey's favorite number too! It was his sports number in high school. (When Corey thought he was cool! ha!) Hope you enjoy your Kindergarten year Breckin Edward! Mommy loves you! :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fun at Adventureland

Breckin's first year of driving the bumper cars..........

we got them!!!

Dad with Mom's Rainbow

We were on Mom's favorite ride and this is what we found across from the ride!!!

Our family trip to Adventureland... the kids loved it!

Rainbow Love - August 2011

This rainbow was breathtaking when I saw it!!

Mom is still sending us her signs.
In one day she sent 2 rainbows! The rainbow pictures I posted are absolutely amazing. Just wanted to share a little Rainbow Love!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

T-Town party with C-Rock

Lynzee Jason and Tabitha

Lynzee, Jason and I- Lynzee and Jason are great together.

Lynzee and I at the end of the night!!

Lynzee, Jason, Tabitha, Chris, Karri, Amy & Justin

Karri, Tabitha, Amy, Lynzee, Shaunet and I

All these girls are amazing! We are missing Amber :( We thought about her and wished she was with us too!

Justin Lynzee Dad Jeff and I

Justin and I down by the river

Jeff S, Dad, Jason and Anthony

Jeff, Anthony, Lynzee, Dad, Justin and I

My lovely Husband, Tabitha, Karri and I

I have amazing family and friends!! We had a wonderful night with Corporate rock!

Can't wait to hang out again with everyone!!!

Relay for Life 2011

Miss Maraya and Grandma Judy bags

We Miss you Princess Maddy!! Maddy is my friend's niece and babysitter's granddaughter that passed away 2 years ago. I look forward every year to seeing her bags. She was an amazing little girl.

Cousin love at Relay for Life- Maraya, Addie and Breckin

Breckin and Maraya checking out Grandma Judy's bags

Jason and Adalyn

Dad and Adalyn

Adalyn and Dad

Breckin checking out Aunt Priscilla's bags

Adalyn kept grabbing her bag that she helped make for Grandma Judy!!!

This is just an amazing way to honor all the people who have lost their battle, cancer surviors and the ones battling cancer now. It's amazing to see all the bags.

We love and Miss you Mom, Priscilla, Grandpa Ed, Grandpa Leo, Keith and Maddy!